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Welcome aboard Sound Bound Fishing Fleet, your ticket to the most exciting fishing the Northeast has to offer!

Consisting of 3 vessels and 4 locations, Sound Bound Fleet is always positioned to give customers exactly what they are looking for, the fish of a lifetime! From record sized Striped Bass to the ever popular bottom fishing for Humpback Porgies and Jumbo Blackfish, Sound Bound Fleet is equipped for any trip you have in mind.

Each vessel is equipped with Custom Double Anchoring systems for bottom fishing, ensuring the vessels stay on the most productive pieces of bottom during your trip. Drifting for Fluke is effortless with plenty of deck space and the speed to get you where the Jumbos live, safely and quickly.

Sound Bound Fleet is fully rigged with LED lights that turn night into day for our Night Trips, where we offer live bait and chunk fishing for Cow Stripped Bass and Gator Blues.

New Addition

With the addition of the Sound Bound V, we will now be sailing NYC Charter Cruises and Open Boat Trips every day and Every night!

As always all 4 vessels are available for Private Charters.

Meet the Crew

ound Bound Fleet boasts captains and crew who fish these water full time, year round. it's not uncommon while
your heading in from your trip to see another Sound Bound crew out collecting fresh bait for the evening trip.

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Capt. Brendan

Founder - Charter Captain - Deck Swabber

Capt. Brendan is the owner/operator of Sound Bound Fishing Fleet. Brendan runs both day and night trips aboard the vessels, he is a seasoned fisherman with 20 years of experience fishing along the East Coast.


Capt. Danny

Charter Captain

Brendan's brother is the main Night Capt. for Sound Bound. From the moment you step foot on the vessel till you depart, Danny treats you like family. Dannys "never give up" attitude has paid off countless times..


1st Mate Brown

1st Mate Brown

Brown and Brendan met 20 years ago working deck together on a Flounder trip. Brown is one of the best mates in the area, as he comes with years of experience aboard different vessels.

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