Meet the Mates

The mates aboard Sound Bound are total professionals. Their experience shows on each and every trip, day and night. From rigging the rods at the start of the trip to its time to clean fish, your in good hands! Each and every trip 100% effort is given by all crew aboard. We can guarantee your first trip aboard Sound Bound will not be your last!


1st Mate Brown

Brown and Brendan met 20 years ago working deck together on a Flounder trip. Brown is one of the best mates in the area, as he comes with years of experience aboard different vessels. His upbeat personality is felt on the vessel and he knows just how to get everyone excited and smiling. Brown oversees all the deckhands and makes sure everyone's day goes smoothly in the most professional way!

Cj mate

Mate CJ

CJ has been with Brendan for 5 years now.  Cj’s personality and ability to bond with fisherman is amazing. When Cj is on the boat, everyone knows it! Cj’s fishing knowledge and work ethic is noticed on a daily basis, no matter the job, he gets it done. Cj is seen all summer long aboard the Open Boat Trips for Porgies and all winter aboard the Sound Bound III working deck on the Ocean Blackfish Trips.


Mike the Mate

Mike has been with the Fleet for 4 years now and can be seen almost everyday working the Private Charters. Over the years Mike gained a vast knowledge of fishing in the Western Sound and knows what works and where it works best, to give you the edge on landing the fish of a lifetime!  Mike is currently enrolled in school to become a Captain, his work ethic is beyond impressive. Mike is Brendan’s right hand man and together they keep up on all the maintenance of the Fleet.

We guarantee your first trip with the Sound Bound Fishing Fleet won’t be your last as we continue to be Westchester’s premier 6-person charter fleet.

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